“Under the Pink Cloud”, 210X520cm,  installation, digitally generated image on 20 plates, printed on forex

Under the Pink Cloud: Living Downwing from Nuclear Testing is the title of a documentary film (J. Marriott Library, University of Utah) that records testimonies of people who lived in South Utah, USA, in the 50’s, during nuclear tests in the Nevada desert. The inhabitants spoke of a pink cloud under which they lived at that time without knowing that it was a radioactive cloud. The consequences were later experienced in a tragic way….

The residents of Fukushima describe a similar pink cloud in the 2011 nuclear explosion, but also the sense of bleakness they faced when they returned later to take their belongings from the forbidden zone that until a while ago was their home, their life…

The contradiction between the charm of the pink cloud and the cruelty of the bleakness that leaves behind was the reason for the creation of the project.

 * https://youtu.be/cJp-Rju3erM
“Under the Pink Cloud: Living Downwind from Nuclear Testing”: Created by Ali Sadler, Rachel Spotts, Laura Price.
Video courtesy of Univercity of Utah Special Collections and Quentin Nisson.