De-faced                                                                                                                                                                      The basic pre-entry process of the medical act, the history taking and its completionby keeping the records with the protocols of the clinicalpracticesconstitute the trigger point and the canvas on which the work is organized. The project is a completely depersonalized expression of the totally personal contact with the Patient. As personal and individualized is the relationship of Doctor with each Patient, so depersonalized, catholic and universal is the relationship of the Artist with the Suffering Human. The often distorted human form is rendered deprived of its individual characteristics and sheathed in fragments from its medical history, which -as features rendered in a different technique- differentiate and complete it. The project consists of a variable number of people at a time arranged in the space, creating a constellationof de-faced figures which pose -without answering explicitly- the fundamental question of survival or doom, as the selection of fragments reserves latent the outcome of the case and the future of each figure. Solution and straight answer is not offered by the artwork, on the contrary free choice conclusion is allowed to each viewer within the thymic that shapes the here and the now for each one of them.