On-going project

The catalyst for my artistic work is my experience of many-years long medical work in laboratories and the subsequent realization that several dynamic micro-landscapes are created in there. The formation of these micro-landscapes is resulting from the reaction of the space itself and its equipment with the people, transitive and itinerant, its occasional or permanent users. So, using the medical laboratory equipment, test tube racks, graduated cylinders, petri dishes as infrastructure and background of my micro-sculptures, I thus create small-size installations. I reconstruct or mainly create different laboratory landscapes, labscapes, highlighting each time different aspects and conceptual values ​​of each one of them. The cold, impersonal laboratory space enlivens by placing in there small wax or clay busts of its imaginary occupants. I then illuminate and photograph these installations creating a special scenographic sense, unique for each one, emphasizing its particular conceptual value.